Promising Results from Clinical Trial at UFL

TREND & PWS USA Oxytocin Initiative

TREND and PWSA (USA) are excited to support Drs. Jennifer Miller and Dan Driscoll in their endeavor to gain FDA approval to make oxytocin a standard of care for Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS).


A Phase 1 study of intranasal oxytocin for the treatment of PWS, funded by PWSA (USA), the National Institutes of Health and gifts from the community, suggests that oxytocin administration has the potential to change the natural history of PWS, improving the lives of those afflicted with this chronic condition. Anecdotal reports of its benefits are circulating on social media and the families who participated in this study are asking what the community can do to make oxytocin readily available.

PWSA (USA) has selected Jennifer Miller, MD and Dan Driscoll, MD, PhD from the University of Florida to lead this multi-site, dose finding phase 2 trial. They have over 45 years combined experience treating patients with PWS and conducting research. In an effort to fast track the launch of this important study, PWSA (USA) has joined with the TREND community to raise the one million dollars required by year-end.

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